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By the way it’s God, not god

By the way it’s God, not god

It is no surprise that, with people like Charles Pope (who doubtless wears all sorts of fancy dress to impress his god), the church has lost touch with the younger genration.

Brian: peace be with you! I am a mother of a 14 year old son and am very aware of what the “younger generation” things about clothing / modesty. I am thankful to God that my son goes to a phenomenally devout Catholic School in Manassas, VA called Seton School – and even here they strongly encourage modest dress, especially in Mass. Brian, I would challenge you to think about a good God who loves us so much that He gave himself to us – physically on the Cross and every single day at the celebration of the Mass. If you were to go out on a date with someone you loved and wanted to honor, would you dress up for them? Mass is the highest form of prayer – and the greatest gift from God. It’s not too much to honor Our Beloved Lord when we go to Mass for one hour…do you think? He died for our sins and gave himself completely so that we may have eternity in heaven…is it so much to ask that we honor him in our dress? May God bless you and fill you with his peace, Brian.

Impressing God is a pretty pointless thing, I already had his love before I was ever formed in my mother’s womb (Jer 1:4)

Monsignor Pope, may God bless you a millionfold for speaking truth to God’s flock. I pray you may always have that boldness and courage to confront such modernism in our society today. I will pray for you, Father. Many blessings to you.

Thank GOD Monsignor Charles does not have to answer to you, Brian. He has to answer to Almighty GOD about how he has directed the flock and those he guides. This, too, is part of that responsibility. Everything has become so watered down that “the younger generation” no longer has anything to aspire to, to want to lift their hearts to. It’s really a shame, because what many young people truly hunger and thirst for is the truth and GOD. Those who have found the truth and ask GOD what He asks of them invariably end up attending Church often, dressing modestly, not shabbily, and wanting to please Him Whom they have found. I pray the same for you!

Many people today go to church to be seen

So there is NO Formal Dress Code for the Church? NOT SO! The Archdiocese of Washington would do well to go to Rome and become Roman Catholics! Pope Pius XII put out a dress code for church, of course here in the US it was ignored, like most writings from Rome. Men should be dressed in suits or slacks with shirts and ties. Women should be in dresses, with sleeves just below the elbow and their blouses should be no more than two fingers off the throat. Pants should not be worn by women, as they are too form fitting and draw attention to a women private area. The same is true with sheer clothing. One should not be able to see a woman’s underwear. Everyone should have on dress shoes and not beach attire. God is our creator and He is the King of Kings, not some celebrity. I had the bad luck to have some 20 somethings in front of me with the guy fondling the girls privates at the Creed(Nervious Ordeal). The same guy handed out communion. The Cardinals and Bishops are responsible for the lax and laid back, causal feelings people have developed toward God and His Church. Roman Catholics need to be just that and know their church history!