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EFT requires you to wait approximately three days for the funds to clear before data access can be provided

EFT requires you to wait approximately three days for the funds to clear before data access can be provided

If a Seller adds area codes at any point during their Annual Subscription PeriodPeriod, they may be required to make additional payments.

Who must pay the fee? All sellers covered by the TSR must pay the appropriate fee for an area code of data before they call, or cause a telemarketer to call, any consumer within that area code, even those consumers whose telephone numbers are not on the National Registry. The only exceptions are for sellers that call only consumers with which they have an existing business relationship or written agreement to call, and do not access the National Registry for any other purpose. Charities and political organizations that voluntarily want to suppress calls to consumers whose numbers are on the Registry may access the Registry at no cost.

Adding area codes to a subscription does not affect the length of the Annual Subscription Period

Telemarketers and service providers may access the National Registry, at no cost, through the use of their seller-client’s unique Subscription Account Number (SAN). Even though they are not required by law to do so, telemarketers and service providers may gain access to the National Registry on their own behalf, but they must pay a separate fee for that ability. But before placing calls on behalf of a seller-client, telemarketers are required to ensure that their seller-client has paid the appropriate annual fee.

How can I pay the fee? Fees are payable via credit card (which permits the transfer of data in the same session, if the payment is approved) or electronic fund transfer (EFT). You must pay the fee prior to gaining access to the National Registry. Sellers and exempt entities can pay payday loans NC the fee directly or through their telemarketers or service providers (to which the seller or exempt entity has provided the necessary authority).

Payment for additional data provides you with access to the additional data for the remainder of your Annual Subscription Period

What if I pay for a small number of area codes, and then later in the year expand my business to call more area codes? Will I have to pay twice? If you need to access data from more area codes than you initially selected, you may do so, but you will have to pay for access to those additional area codes. For fiscal year 2022, beginning , obtaining additional data from the National Registry during the first six months of your Annual Subscription Period will require a payment of $69 for each new area code. During the second six-month period, the charge to obtain data from each new area code is $35.

What happens after I pay for access? After payment is processed, you will be given a unique Subscription Account Number (SAN) and permitted access to the appropriate portions of the National Registry. On subsequent visits to the website, you will be able to download either a full updated list of numbers from your selected area codes or a more limited list, consisting of changes to the National Registry (both additions and deletions) that have occurred since the day of your last download. This limits the amount of data that you need to download during each visit. The change list will consist of each phone number that has changed, whether it was added or deleted, and the download date.

What if I want to share the cost of the fee with another seller? The TSR flatly prohibits sharing the fee for Registry access. If sharing were permitted, fees would have to be much higher to cover the cost of maintaining the Registry.