Claims Detective

Contestable Death

There is no greater tragedy than a death case. Investigators seek to find the truth, on how and why the fatality occured, the factors leading up to the death and the impact it has moving forward. Knowledge is truth. The investigator gathers critical information, clarifying the cause and the reasons behind what happened. Was it suicide, homicide or accidental trauma? Background investigators will look into the decedent’s history to verify employment, lifestyle and other factors that will impact the decision making process during settlement.

● Accident investigation – Rush investigation at time of loss to develop details on the parites involved. Check for fatalies or extent of injuries.
● Financial – Follow up background into employment, and other financial means of support.
● Cause of Death investigation – Conduct interviews, coordinate with Police, run reports and look for evidence that points to cause of death..
● Statements – to gather information from witnesses, friends and associates.
● Customize the above for the services needed on your file.


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