Claims Detective


Locate missing persons. We locate claimants, witnesses, truck drivers, defendants in subrogation matters, long term disability recipients, even homeless people. Our goal is to provide you with the current address, phone number. Any background information that we developed along the way is included in the report. We have a sophisticated 5 stage process that is unmatched nationwide.

• Stage 1 Database Phase – Our agents have access to databases that are only available to Law Enforcement and Private Detectives. Develop information on key sources that may have vital information to the case.
• Stage 2 Social Network – Our trained specialists use software programs to collect internet and social network information, compiling recent leads – not only on the subject, but on friends, associates and sources who may have critical information.
• Stage 3 Local Investigation – We conduct a check of Restaurants, Stores, Businesses, Neighborhood Sources, Friends, Associates, Shirttail Relatives and sometimes Hospitals and Government establishments.
• Stage 4 Undercover Phase – Compile the results and utilize undercover techniques to obtain information not normally available to the public.
• Stage 5 Process Report – Send results to client. Although the goal is is to get a current and Phone, any background we find along the way we also include. Totally confidential. Rush service available.