Claims Detective

Injury History

Canvassing for injuries both before the accident or unrelated injuries after the loss date. Search a geographical area to verify any previous treatment often not disclosed by the claimant or listed in the file. Proper legal procurement of the injury history could make or break the case. Information needed to make a well-informed decision relies directly on uncovering the truth, especially in matters where the opposition are causing delays.

● Hospital Canvass
● Physician Canvass, Orthopedist, Cardiologist, Neurologist
● Pharmacy Canvass
● Physical Therapy and Chiropractor Canvass Canvass
● Dental Canvass
● Health Club/Gym Canvass
● Customize the above for the services needed on your file.

ClaimsDetective seeks to get you answers to the questions that are holding up settlement decisions. We help you answer the questions needed to move ahead with well informed decisions.